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The company's own technology includes its own Machine Modification and Fixture Design, epitaxial structure design and its own inspection system, which enables the company's products to have leading international ultra-high yield and lower than the industry's production costs. In addition, the company has experience in the development of different material systems and various types of component structures, which can continuously increase the production yield and reduce costs, and it is possible to develop GaAs on Silicon, InP Epitaxial and other applications in the future.

Its own Machine Modification and Fixture Design: The company's team's many years of experience in MOCVD, familiar with the principle of the machine's fluid and thermal field, using the Machine Modification and Fixture Design method to gradually improve the uniformity of the product, the following table is based Company production trend chart. Also because our company has excellent wavelength uniformity and control in VCSEL products, it also greatly enhances the competitiveness of our products.


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